Ammonites or Ammonites (from the Latin Ammonoidea) constitute an extinct group of cephalopod molluscs that disappeared at the end of the Cretaceous. Ammonite shells are a common type of fossil in Mesozoic marine formations. Visiting the paleontological sites of Chapada do Araripe in Ceará, the fascination with the fossils of different animals in the region led me to create the first of a series of sculptures visually nourished by this ecstatic experience. The creation process follows the sequence of my sculptural creations, starting with exploratory sketches followed by modeling the piece in full scale for formal study. From the mold, the wood is cut, glued and pressed, followed by roughing and finishing.

Author: Julia Krantz 
Measures: D1450 x H170 (mm)
Average weight (varies depending on the wood): 75kg 
Wood: Laminated cedar 

Creation: 2023

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